Friday, November 19, 2010

A quick link to the past : Alundra

Every week or so Nintendo and Sony update their respective back catalogs of classic games. Each service has their obvious mega hits. Nintendo has Mario and Zelda games and Sony has Metal Gear and Final Fantasy 7 through 9. They also release complete duds and cash ins (I believe there are six different versions of Street Fighter 2 on Virtual Console). Luckily, we sometimes run into uncommon gems from the earlier generation and if I feel the game is uncommon enough I will post it and give a quick look.


I only knew of one friend who had the game, and it was a bit too scary for him so he let me borrow it. The game isn't very scary but it is rather dark in terms of its story and themes. It was created by Climax Entertainment, the same team that made the Sega Genesis title Landstalker (similar ideas in both games).

In Alundra, you control the titular hero Alundra, and embark on a quest to save the people of Inoa village from the evil god Melzas. The game plays a lot like a Zelda: A Link to the Past. You go through dungeons, fight monsters, solve puzzles and defeat many bosses on the way to stopping Melzas. Alundra can also enter peoples dreams and destroy their evil nightmares. Apparently the game has an E rating but the story is rather dark as there is murder, sexual innuendos, and alcohol use.

Alundra stands above other Zelda clones for a few reasons. While I am not a fan of the in game character art, the game has a really vibrant look with many different environments from ocean caves to volcanic mountains. The music is fantastic and the game is lengthy taking around 25 - 30 hours to complete. Also this game is very difficult. Some puzzles in this game could possibly have you turning off the game for a while as you get stuck trying to figure them out but when you do you feel like the smartest person in the world.

The Intro

My only knocks on the game is that there are a few permanently missable items if you aren't careful, the game has somewhat clunky jumping and because of the viewpoint it is hard to judge where exactly you are and want to go. Also the final dungeon is beyond tough.

For 5.99 on the Playstation Network I highly recommend you get pick up this game. It is fantastic on the PSP screen also.

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